HighPoint Launches HPC RAID Solutions; Maximizes PCIe Gen 3 RAID Performance & Doubled the Capacity!

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August 2020 – Fremont, CA. HighPoint has once again initiated a paradigm shift for high-speed storage applications with the launch of their new 8-channel U.2 & M.2 High Port Count (HPC) series RAID controllers. 

HPC SSD718x Series NVMe RAID controllers enable professional system integrators to overcome the inherit capacity limitations of M.2 drives while maximizing the write-performance of PCIe Gen 3 U.2 media. HPC series NVMe RAID controllers are truly platform independent, and do not require a hardware environment with Bifurcation support or any specialized 3rd party RAID software such as AMD RAID Expert, Intel VROC or OS-based RAID. Read More...

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