HighPoint’s SSD7103 is a Simple, Bootable NVMe RAID Storage upgrade for your Workstation or Server

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SSD7103. Built on the success of the SSD7102, the Second Gen SSD7103 is a fully independent NVMe RAID controller designed for use with any Intel-based, NVMe capable Workstation, Server or Desktop PC. The integrated EFI boot capability, combined with HighPoint’s market proven RAID technology, make the SSD7103  an ideal system acceleration solution; it can dramatically boost storage performance while minimizing boot time for both Linux and Windows platforms. When installed into a dedicated PCIe 3.0 x16 slot, the SSD7103 is capable of supporting up to four MLC, TLC or QLC M.2 SSD’s in one or more RAID configurations, and deliver truly blistering transfer speeds, up to 14,000 MB/s!

Satisfies any Budget, Performance or Capacity requirement

The SSD7103 is capable of supporting any mainstream MLC, TLC and QLC M.2 SSD in today’s marketplace. Customers are free to mix and match up to four drives to meet each application’s budget, performance or capacity requirement. SSD’s hosted by the SSD7103 can be configured to operate independently as either storage or boot volumes, or combined into one or more RAID arrays.

The SSD7103 is a simple and cost-effective NVMe performance upgrade for media workstation and server platforms. Instead of a costly, time consuming motherboard upgrade, customers can easily integrate a compact PCIe device into their existing infrastructure. It enables any system with a current Intel-based motherboard to support bootable NVMe RAID configurations.

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