Special Offer! 30-Day Evaluation Reward Program for HighPoint's 2nd Gen SSD7103 Bootable NVMe RAID Controller

Posted by Corey Baker on

Want to experience the industry’s Fastest NVMe Booting Solution?

To celebrate the debut of our 2nd Generation NVMe RAID Controller series, we are offering a 30 day Evaluation Feedback and Reward Program for our SSD7103 to all qualified applicants!

Tell us how you plan on integrating the SSD7103 into your workstation or server, and describe your target application. Sign up today!

Product Overview

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  • Do you have any plans to use PCI Express 4.0? I am looking at upgrading with the ThreadRipper 3.0 and new motherboard supporting PCI Express 4.0. Should be announced the 1st part of November

    Tayne E Hunsaker on
  • I want to test the controller in my cMP 5.1 for video editing – have already an 7102 to work 😎
    Wolfgang Smetanig

    Dr. Wolfgang Smetanig on
  • We tested the SSD7103 on different HP servers ( ML30 G10, ML30 G9, DL380e G8 ) in a RAID10 configuration and we observed impressive speed results, XPG SX8200 Pro were used even if they are not on the compatibility list.

    Marquis on
  • I tested the 7103 with Raid0 and Raid10, easy install, support from Highpoint is also great, quick reply to all my questions.
    My main targed was speed, security and bootabel without vroc and intel m.2.

    my result with Raid0

    result with Raid 10

    Daniel on
  • I will use SSD7103 in HP ML350 gen 9

    Bo Claesson on

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