FnL BRD Series NVMe AIC Drives

FnL BRD Series NVMe AIC DrivesDriverless, High-Performance Boot

Solutions: Bootable RAID AIC Drives are expertly tuned to deliver exceptional random I/O performance, and are ideal for professional applications that require secure, rapid boots and high-speed workspace.
FnL Bootable RAID AIC series solutions can be used to boot a wide-spectrum of modern operating systems and VM (Virtual Machine) platforms, and are universally compatible with both PCIe 3.0 and 4.0 capable motherboards.

Your Choice: Tune for Maximum Security or Performance: Customers that need an extra layer of data security, and maximize uptime can request their BRD AIC drive be preconfigured as a RAID 1 Mirrored array. RAID 1 creates a secure, hidden backup of your AIC drive is that will automatically take over in case of a hardware failure. Customers looking to minimize boot times while maximizing response time can opt for RAID 1 striping.

Hassle-Free Installation: The FnL Bootable RAID series are essentially pre-configured, ultra-high-performance plug-and-play RAID drives. The RAID configuration is fully transparent to the operating system, and will automatically be recognized as a single volume. In addition, FnL BRDL series AIC drives are supported natively by all modern operating system platforms – no drivers are required!

Driverless OS Upgrades: unlike many NVMe RAID solutions in today’s marketplace, BRD Series AIC drives are natively supported by the in-box NVMe drivers included with all modern operating system platforms. BRD AIC drives require no special procedures or additional software when installing patches or updates.
BRD Series AIC drives are designed for use with all major operating systems, including Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, Microsoft Hyper-V, FreeBSD and Linux based distributions, and VM Platforms such as VMware, Proxmox, and Citrix Hypervisor.

New Dedicated Online Presence and Storefront

FnL has launched a new, independent website and online store, focused entirely on NVMe-based storage solutions. Designed to streamline the user experience, FnL’s dedicated store front allows visitors to quickly browse, build and buy a wide range of high-speed NVMe RAID drives.


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FnL is a professional NVMe Storage Solutions provider, and a subsidiary of HighPoint Technologies, Inc. Customers with special requirements or unique platforms are encouraged to contact FnL directly – in addition to their standard product portfolio, FnL offers custom builds and solution packages that can be tailored for a specific business requirement, application or hardware/software environment. sales@fnlnvme.com