FnL Fast n' Little

The compact form-factor and mind-blowing performance capabilities of NVMe media has revolutionized the storage industry. FnL solutions represent the epitome of NVMe Storage Technology - packing the industry's Fastest, highest capacity NVMe storage into the Littlest of form factors - a single PCIe AIC drive!

FnL solutions deliver and unbeatable combination of transfer performance, mass storage capability and robust reliability!

Customer Choice is Paramount

FnL delivers the industry’s most customizable NVMe RAID solutions. Our AIC drives are built for individual professional or corporate clients that need blazing fast, application-ready NVMe storage right out of the box.

No other NVMe storage provider comes close – we offer the industry’s widest selections of features, and performance is only one variable; customers can spec an AIC drive for a particular platform, operating system, capacity requirement and application.

Built for Real-World Applications

FnL NVMe solutions are verified using real-world hardware & software environments and industry standard testing suites to ensure they deliver performance and rock-solid reliability you expect from a professional NVMe storage solution.

If you have any questions about our testing methodology, or would like to see results for a specific test suite or application, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can provide synthetic benchmark testing reports, real-world application and case studies and hardware and software compatibility reference.

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