FnL SRD Series NVMe AIC Drives

FnL SRD Series NVMe AIC DrivesUnbeatable Sequential Transfer

Performance: FnL Storage AIC RAID Drives (SRD) represent the easiest way to add blazingly fast, high-capacity NVMe storage to a Windows, Linux or macOS platform.

FnL Storage RAID AIC Drives (SRD) were designed for professional workflows that require ultra-high-performance workspace and massive storage capacity in a compact, easy to integrate package.
SRD NVMe AIC Drives are ideal for high-speed data acquisition and processing applications such as AI training, scientific analysis and simulation, 3D rendering systems, and large-scale media capture & security solutions.
More often than not, such applications require a robust storage device with a small hardware footprint, capable of delivering sustained transfer speeds up to 28,000MB/s (28GB/s). This largely rules out SAS/SATA HDD or SSD-based solutions due to the massive hardware footprint needed to meet these performance requirements.
In contrast, FnL NVMe RAID Drives are no larger than your average PCIe graphics card. A single, compact SRD PRO class AIC drive is capable of delivering up to 16,000MB/s (16GB/s) of sustained write transfer performance for hours on end!

Massive Storage Capacity: FnL delivers the industry’s largest NVMe RAID drives. SRD AIC drives are available with up to 16TB of high-speed M.2 storage, which can be preconfigured into RAID 1, RAID 0 or RAID 1/0 arrays and pre-formatted for all major operating system platforms.

New Dedicated Online Presence and Storefront

FnL has launched a new, independent website and online store, focused entirely on NVMe-based storage solutions. Designed to streamline the user experience, FnL’s dedicated store front allows visitors to quickly browse, build and buy a wide range of high-speed NVMe RAID drives.


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FnL is a professional NVMe Storage Solutions provider, and a subsidiary of HighPoint Technologies, Inc. Customers with special requirements or unique platforms are encouraged to contact FnL directly – in addition to their standard product portfolio, FnL offers custom builds and solution packages that can be tailored for a specific business requirement, application or hardware/software environment. sales@fnlnvme.com