rSSD7101A Series RAID Drives

rSSD7101A Series RAID Drives

  • $799.00

Delivers the performance of 20x SATA SSD's in a single PCIe device!

HighPoint rSSD7101 Series RAID Drives unleash the true performance potential of NVMe M.2 SSD’s. rSSD7101 Drives delivers transfer speeds 20 times faster than SATA SSDs at a comparable price point, and dramatically reduces a system’s secondary storage footprint into a device the size of your average graphics card.

rSSD7101A Series – E-Class SSD’s
(Enthusiast Applications)

rSSD7101A Series RAID Drives deliver next-generation PC storage performance, and are ideal for high-end desktops and workstations. rSSD7101A Drives are available with up to 4TB of capacity, can support sustained transfer speeds exceeding 12,000MB/s, and are compatible with nearly any modern motherboard platform with a free PCIe x16 slot.

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