HighPoint SSD7110 3x M.2 Ports & 4x SFF-8643 SAS/SATA ports to PCIe 3.0 x16 RAID Controller

  • $799.00

The SSD7110 NVMe RAID Controller delivers unbeatable Performance and Versatility

Equipped with three 2280 M.2 NVMe ports and four SFF-8643 Connectors, the SSD7110 can host blazing fast NVMe RAID storage and up to 16 SAS or SATA hard drives for high-density configurations. This unique approach to secondary storage expansion makes the SSD7110 ideally suited for applications that need more than a one-trick pony. The SSD7110 is capable of supporting up to 160TB of storage capacity, including up to 140TB in a dual-parity redundant RAID 6 configuration, in addition to 6TB of high-speed NVMe storage.

  • Bootable NVMe JBOD and RAID Support
  • 3x M.2 NVMe ports
  • 4x SFF-8643 ports support up to 16 SAS/SATA hard drives
  • Real-world NVMe RAID performance: over 9,000MB/s
  • Real-world SAS/SATA RAID performance: over 5,000MB/s (SSD) / 3,000MB/s (HDD)
  • Supports Windows, Linux and macOS Systems
  • Dedicated PCIe 3.0 x16 bus bandwidth

Comprehensive NVMe Booting Solution

The SSD7110 can support a variety of NVMe-based boot configurations. Customers can configure up to three M.2 SSD's to act as individual drives (single/JBOD), and setup each to function as a separate boot volume. In addition, customers can configure two types of bootable RAID arrays; RAID 0 for maximum performance, or RAID 1 for security.

Independent, Stand-Alone NVMe SSD Solution

The SSD7110 RAID controller is a fully independent NVMe RAID solution, and is not tethered to specific motherboards or chipset families; any system sporting a free PCIe 3.0 x16 slot with direct access to the CPU is fair game. The SSD7110’s unique controller architecture supports both hot and cold storage configurations, and is ideal for Rackmount Storage applications such as Rendering Servers or local Storage Servers that require high speed data processing and mass storage capability in a single RAID controller.


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