rDrive 6628AW Thunderbolt™ 3 40Gb/s Hardware RAID Storage for Window

  • $2,999.00

HighPoint rDrive 6628AW Series Thunderbolt™ 3 Hardware RAID Storage for Mac

The rDrive 6628AW Series employs our industry-proven Hardware RAID stack to deliver professional grade, pre-configured Thunderbolt™ 3 40Gb/s RAID storage for today’s most demanding media applications, in an affordable, easy to install solution. HighPoint Hardware RAID Technology was designed specifically for I/O intensive work environments which require uncompromised transfer performance and superior data security. The integrated hardware RAID engines and dedicated RAM completely offload all RAID calculations from the host platform to maximize sustained data throughput and reliability of the hosted storage configurations. The robust, compact tower form factor is available with 32 to 96TB of storage capacity, and can be easily connected to any PC running Windows 8 or later with Thunderbolt™ 3 capability.

Integrated Hardware RAID Architecture

The rDrive 6628AW was designed to accommodate storage applications that require maximum sustained transfer performance. Dedicated Hardware RAID engines and onboard cache allow the rDrive to work independently of the host platform, freeing up valuable system resources for other critical tasks, and ensures smooth, consistent data transfer. Each rDrive 6628AW is shipped with up to 96TB of pre-configured RAID 5, with optional support for hardware RAID 0, 1, 6, 1/0, 5/0 & JBOD

HighPoint DV Mode for Streaming Performance

rDrive 6628AW storage benefits from our industry proven DV Mode technology. DV Mode employs an innovative caching algorithm designed specifically for the rigors of video post-production, and manages the flow of large data blocks and write-back caching to minimize latency and ensure consistent, sustained high-performance transfers for media-rich applications.

Tackle Multiple Applications, Simultaneously

rDrive RAID storage delivers the bandwidth and storage capacity to handle multiple applications, simultaneously. The simple and intuitive rDrive Manager interface can be used to reorganize the 8 hard drives into a wide range of storage configurations. Each rDrive 6628AW can host up to 4 independent arrays, each of which can be assigned to a different task or application.

rDrive Manager - Quick, Intuitive RAID Management

rDrive Manager's user-friendly, web-based management interface allows novices and experts alike, to quickly and easily monitor, maintain and troubleshoot RAID your RAID arrays from a single, unified software suite. Advanced Management Features allow customers to configure different RAID levels, including multi-array configurations. SHI (Storage Health Inspector) features integrated SMART support, which allows experienced users monitor the physical health of each individual hard drive via real-time updates, and archive past activity using the event log. 
Customers can also schedule maintenance sessions to verify disk integrity, and enable Email notification to inform one or more users of changing storage conditions while outside of the work environment.

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