rSSD7101B Series RAID Drives

  • $1,119.99

Delivers the performance of 20x SATA SSD's in a single PCIe device!

HighPoint rSSD7101 Series RAID Drives unleash the true performance potential of NVMe M.2 SSD’s. rSSD7101 Drives delivers transfer speeds 20 times faster than SATA SSDs at a comparable price point, and dramatically reduces a system’s secondary storage footprint into a device the size of your average graphics card.

rSSD7101B Series – P Class SSD’s
(Professional Applications)

rSSD7101B RAID Drives solutions deliver unprecedented storage performance and reliability, and are ideal for heavy workloads such as professional media and engineering applications. rSSD7101B Drives are available with up to 8TB of capacity, and can support sustained transfer speeds exceeding 13,000MB/s.


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