HighPoint RocketU 1444C PCIe 3.0 x16 USB 3.2 20Gb/s Host Controller

  • $399.00

HighPoint RocketU 1400 Series PCIe controllers are the industry's fastest USB Host Adapters. Each USB device port is fully independent and powered by a dedicated 20Gb/s USB 3.2 controller chip, backed by a robust PCIe 3.0 host interface.

Our unique 20Gb/s Per-Port Performance controller architecture ensures each hosted USB device can operate at peak performance without saturating the bus or taxing system resources.

  • Available with 1x to 8x Dedicated USB Type-C 3.2 20Gb/s Ports
  • Dedicated PCIe 3.0 x16 Host Interface
  • True Alternative to Thunderbolt™3 Connectivity
  • Ideal for professional-grade, High-Speed Data Acquisition & Transfer Applications
  • Universal Type-C connectivity support any industry-standard USB device or peripheral
  • Dedicated 20Gb/s transfer bandwidth per USB port
  • Driverless Installation: Native xHCI Support

Dedicated Per-Port Performance Architecture

Industry’s Fastest USB Controller Cards

Unlike most USB controllers in today’s marketplace, RocketU 1400 Series controllers feature fully independent USB device ports, each of which is powered by a dedicated USB 3.2 20Gb/s controller. This unique Per-Port Performance architecture enables each USB Type-C port to deliver maximum throughput.

Blazing Fast PCIe 3.0 Host Interface

The blazing fast PCIe 3.0 host interface works in tandem with our Per-Port Performance architecture to ensure each individual USB port can deliver maximum transfer bandwidth at all times, even in cases where each port is occupied and under heavy load.

Industry Proven Per-Port Performance USB Architecture; Dedicated Bandwidth & Independent Resources

RocketU 1400 Series controllers employ the latest generation of HighPoint’s industry-proven Per-Port Performance USB architecture, which enables each Type-C port to deliver up 20Gb/s of transfer bandwidth. Each independent device channel is backed by a dedicated USB 3.2 20Gb/s controller, and robust PCIe 3.0 host interface. This unique connectivity architecture ensures each hosted USB device can continuously operate at maximum throughput, without interference from neighboring USB connections, or taxing system resources. The dedicated USB 3.2 controllers also allow each port to deliver up to 7.5W of power for device operation or charging purposes. 

HighPoint Certified Cable Accessories


1M 10Gb/s USB-A to USB-C cable

The HighPoint USB-C31-1MC is a 1 Meter 10Gb/s USB-C to USB C cable, and has been thoroughly tested with USB 3.x storage devices and enclosures to ensure maximum transfer performance and secure connectivity.


HighPoint RocketU 1400 Family Series


HighPoint RU1488C - PCIe 3.0 x16 USB 3.2 20Gb/s Host Controller

HighPoint RU1411C - PCIe 3.0 x4 USB 3.2 20Gb/s Host Controller


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