RocketStor 5411A Single-Bay USB 3.0 Drive Dock

  • $49.00

The RocketStor 5411A is the easiest and quickest way to add a high-speed, multi-terabyte SATA Hard Drive or SSD to any computer with USB support!
Why bother with expensive, one-size-fits-all, USB drive kits? The RocketStor 5411A’s simple, efficient design allows you to use any off-the-shelf SATA drive's from today’s fastest SSD’s to high-capacity 14TB hard drives.

  • Easiest, Quickest way to Access any SATA Hard Drive or SSD!
  • Connect to any SATA I, II, III hard drive or SSD
  • Hot Swap Support
  • Quick Access to Back-up/Archived data
  • True Plug and Play Experience


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